Sales Agency
As Agent, Distributor or Reseller, BioScan provides coverage of a specific region for specific medical products. Contacts are exclusive and dedicated to region / products. Added value in medical capital equipment products.

Based on various trainings and fed by large experience, BioScan developed a systematic approach/program 'Customer Care' to coach the medical sales staff.

Eanbles medical companies to focus on their core competencies by adding significant resources to build negotiate and manage several different contracts, resulting in personnel and cost burden.

Project/Interim Management
Most people still want their projects to be on time, meet quality objectives, and not cost more than the budget. These form the classic triangle: time, quality, and cost. Opportunities in project management now exist also as part of a bigger program or team, and a project leader is needed. External project leaders have proven records of higher efficiency, when it comes to the classic triangles.Any interest in one of these projects? A start date, an end date, the tasks that have to be carried out and when they should be finished, and some idea of the resources (people, equipment etc) that will be needed during the course of the project. This could be the beginning for a first meeting.

Your added value for

For speeding up against the competitor, BioScan can be your added value for:

  • New product launch
  • Targeting on periodical peak sales
  • Maximise the market potential
  • Enlarging of distributor network
  • Strategic brand support
  • Brand rejuvenation
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