GE Healthcare

BioScan bvba started in January 2003 as Authorized Agent for GE Healthcare in Belgium (region Oost- en West-Vlaanderen, Turnhout, Geel). An independant Agent for GE Healthcare? Is new construction?
What can BioScan offer to you?

  • a professional relation with trust, as independant Agent
  • looking together with the customer to optimize the solution & configuration
  • product matching to GE Healthcare's portfolio
  • moderation with the big GE Healthcare organization
  • being a visable communication medium between customer and GE Healthcare
  • 20 years experience in medical imaging equipment and software
  • driven by only one criterium: customer satisfaction


BioScan is focusing mainly on the Diagnostic monitors Nio and Coronis and on tje Clinical Review Displays for use at home for the Radiologist and in the Clinician's office.

With a legacy of superior image quality and smart technological innovations, Barco has a solid reputation for delivering dependable display systems that are central to the provision of quality healthcare. Our comprehensive product offering includes leading-edge display solutions for radiology, mammography, surgery and modality imaging, along with DICOM compliant review displays and mobile point of care devices.

GE Healthcare Products

More information on the products we distribute can be found on the GE Healthcare website.

Barco Products

We distribute the following diagnostic screens.

  • CORONIS: 2MP, 3MP, 2MP color, 6MP color
  • NIO: 2MP, 3MP, 3MP color

   And for Clinical Review we offer the following
  • MDRC 19"
  • MDRC 20"
  • MDRC Widescreen 2MP 24"

More information on the screens can be found on Barco's website

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